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Wedding Music

Choosing your Music

The music you choose for your wedding is a powerful way of creating a mood and expressing yourselves on your big day. Your first dance music will probably be the most meaningful and personal music of the day. The best strategy is to make it personal -- choose a favourite song or artist, or anything else that really speaks to you.

It is also helpful, but not essential, to choose a song for your first dance that has some kind of a steady beat that you can hear. Most music does have some kind of rhythm, and it will be a lot easier to dance to if you can feel that rhythm and move to it.

Whatever music you choose, listen to it and practice with it as much as you can. The more familiar you are with the music, the easier it will be to dance to.

Song Length

Dancing to a 10 minute, or even 5 minute song can seem like forever when you're up in front of people (it feels like that to them as well). One of the keys to success in any performance is to leave the audience wanting more. 2 - 3 minutes is a perfect amount of time for a wedding dance. If your song is quite a bit longer than this you can deal with it in many ways:

  1. Just keep dancing - this is your day and you can do whatever you want
  2. Have the DJ or band shorten the song or just fade out at an appropriate place
  3. Cut the song yourself using music editing software
  4. Invite other members of the wedding party onto the dance floor before the end of your song

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