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Learn to dance Foxtrot stepsFOX TROT

The Foundation for the ballroom dances, Fox Trot combines old world romance, big band sounds, and a butter-smooth style. When you get used to the easy, walking rhythm of the Fox Trot, you’ll feel like you don’t have a care in the world.

Learn to dance Waltz stepsWALTZ

Let yourself be swept away by the high romance and graceful elegance of the Slow Waltz. One of the oldest and most traditional dances, Waltz gives you a great feeling of sweeping and swaying across the dance floor with grace and poise.

Learn to dance Tango stepsTANGO

From dark, disreputable roots in the brothels of Buenos Aires, Tango has become famous for its passionate drama and sensual style. Focus on your partner to develop a strong sense of lead and follow, and make your movements deliberate and crisp.

Learn to dance Swing stepsSWING

Born in Harlem in the 1920's, the swing has grown to become one of the most popular dances, with numerous regional variations like East Coast, West Coast, Jive, Jitterbug and Lindy. In general, Swing is characterized by a fun, easygoing outlook and smooth, earthy movements with lots of rotation.

Learn to dance Rumba stepsRUMBA

The slow and sensuous Rumba is the foundation of Latin dancing. easy steps and an easy feel make this dance adaptable to almost any situation. Picture you and your partner swaying to the music on a tropical beach as you enjoy the slow Latin rhythm of the Rumba.

Learn to dance Cha Cha stepsCHA CHA

The distinctive Cha Cha Cha rhythm and a fun flirtatious feel have made Cha Cha one of the most popular dances. The music feels fast, but once you get a feel for the basic rhythm of the dance you will find the steps become easier and easier.

Learn to dance Salsa stepsSALSA

Driven by the dense Afro-Cuban rhythms of Cuban jazz bands, Mambo and Salsa are exciting, sexy and fun. While the two dances can have subtle differences in timing and style, new dancers should focus on the hypnotic Latin rhythm and the basic step patterns.

Learn your Wedding Dance stepsWEDDING

Imagine the two of you stepping onto the dance floor at your wedding with a confidence that allows you to actually enjoy the moment! Instead of dreading your wedding dance, we give you the tools you need to make it both memorable and fun. Get your parents and even your whole wedding party involved! We'll show you how to make dancing a part of your wedding that you will never forget.

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