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Here are some of our favorite emails:

Hi there from Australia,

We do a LOT of dancing, and love your site, we have learned some great moves from you, what fabulous dancers!!! ... thank you for such a wonderful site.

Much appreciated!!

Sandra and Dave
South Australia


What a great website! My wife and I have taken Swing dance lessons but still know nothing about dancing it. Your site shows the proper steps!! Wow, again what a great site you have.


Your site if so fabulous! I currently take private lessons and have learned some extra steps to incorporate into my lessons. It also helps with my practice. Please keep up the good work.

Thank you,


Love your site, by the way. I am having lots of fun and I do believe I'm actually getting it!! It's very difficult for an old gal like me, but I've always wanted to learn and your instructions are wonderful. Well done!

Kind Regards,

British Columbia

I started taking private lessons here in San Diego on May 27th at studio. My wife is a terrific dancer and I finally realized that I need to learn how to dance so we'll have something to do together now that the kids are gone and we have time for each other. But, I've had problems remembering the steps between lessons and therefore couldn't practice. So, I went to the internet to find some help -- could not find anything that would show me exactly how to do the steps (like your instruction does). So, I signed up for the full site access last night and now I can make some decent progress between lessons.

You have a terrific product and I'm sure it will help many people learn to dance. For me, it's an excellent reference to clarify information that I'm getting in my lessons.

Excellent product.

John Bresnik
Escondido, CA

I'm sure we'll have lots of fun trying out the other dances, and hopefully impress people with our amazing skills at our wedding reception! We were both a bit nervous about dancing in front of everyone but even after spending a couple hours on the site last night are feeling much better. I'll definitely recommend your website to my friends and family!



Just to let you know that my husband and I learnt the Swing dance from your internet lessons in about 2 evenings and it really works! We have just attended a Ball where there was a swing lesson included with full swing band and one couple even thought we were professionals(!) We had a great time and there was no embarrassment on the dance floor and I even had two partners to dance with all night. So thanks for the web site - it's great and we will brush up on our Waltz and Cha Cha and my aim has always been to learn the Tango.

London, England

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